Kerry Sports Manila



Kerry Sports Manila is one of Stack’s many award-winning projects. The brief was to deliver a design that represented the Health Club’s brand (young, vibrant and energetic) as well as creating a place for the local youth community.

The scope for this project includes the cafe, hydro bar, change rooms, basketball court, squash courts, yoga studio, pilate studio, multi-purpose court, spin studio and a large floor space for the open gym.

‘Finding the way’ was the primary concept. The design focused on way-finding and was devised to 'guide' guests through the variety of sporting and spa facilities. This is achieved through the installation of different floor finishes for zoning purposes. The integration of visually captivating digital screens and feature elements were proposed to provide guidance around the space in the most intuitive way possible.

To increase accessibility and to activate the link between the communal public spaces, Stack deviated away from the conventional hotel leisure space standards in order to promote the space as a local hub with its own character and voice. A conscious decision was made to put the community's needs first and this is reflected in the sports centre's open design.

As a part of Stack’s commitment to sustainable practices, the design utilised both the local pool of talent and local materials where possible to attain maximum community engagement and economic sustainability. The project enforced an extensive use of natural materials such as bricks, recycled timber and plywood. Staying true to the design narrative, most of the resources and artworks were sourced locally, with Stack engaging local young artists for painting, artwork and accessory requirements as a way to give back to the local community.

The design language speaks to Manila's youth culture and has since been deemed successful in its execution by both the Client and its target audience.



2017 Asia Pacific Property awards
Leisure Interior Philippines
Award Winner

2017 Sydney Design awards
Interior Design: International Commercial Gold Award